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Ken Thate

Gates Sony HDR HC9 Hi Def package for sale

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Gates housing with Wide angle lens. Sony HDR HC9 camera, battery, arms, clamps. Tapes, i have two Hi Def systems, selling one, keeping one.

I am able to buy the tapes for the camera on amazon. 

2 x Green Force 250 Watt HID lights

2 x 1500 lumens Green Force Squid Lights.

2 x Green Force Fleix II batteries, they are older, still charge up, not recommend for the 250 Watt lights, will run the 1500 lumen lights. Likely the batteries need updating.

2 x Green Force battery chargers.

Battery carrier, screws onto bottom of Gates Housing.

4 x new seal kits for the housing.

Up for discussion...




1500 lumens squid lights.JPG

250 Watt HID GF.JPG


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