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For Sale: Subal V3 TTL board for Nikon

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I've got a Subal V3 TTL board for Nikon for sale.

It's the perfect companion if you have a Nikon camera which does not have a built-in flash, so D850, D500. The board will provide manual and TTL flash control to either fibre optic connections or sync cords. The choice of manual or TTL can be changed easily underwater.

This is the board only and does not include LED cables which are easily available for the usual Subal dealers. I will put new batteries in (2x CR2032) and will include the simple instruction sheet.

The boards are €474/$462 new. I'm looking for €325/$325 plus postage.

It's advertised as being able to operate with a wide range of strobes including:

 Sea & Sea YS-D1
• Sea & Sea YS-D2
• Sea & Sea YS-250
• Inon Z240
• Inon D-2000
• Inon S-2000
• Ikelite DS161
• Ikelite DS61

I've certainly used it with Inon Z240s and Retras. No problem at all!

PM me for more info or to discuss.

Best wishes, folks


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