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Just can't quite justify the cost...

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9 hours ago, Draq said:

For those who are concerned, an additional O ring can be installed inside the cap, creating a double O ring situation. 

I do not advise to put the o-ring inside the cap.

I own a pair of Z240 Type IV, and I had a battery compartment flood on a Z240 due to that adaptation.

The top of the strobe, where the cap screws in is not properly flat and due to that it does not provide a proper seal. The extra space used by the oring place inside the cap, made that the regular oring did not got properly “activated” and that resulted in a battery compartment flood in the second dive I made.

Fortunately only the batteries were damaged, I cleaned properly the battery compartment and it goes on like new. Still with me, being a reliable partner.

I am not a big fan of S&S, but it’s system to close the battery compartment seams more reliable that the twisting cap in Inon.

Besides that I had a problem with the push button for the pre-flash, the magnet got corroded. It has not easy to solve it, but finally i have found a way to go around it (I found a screw that fits the local and I placed a magnet under that screw). It when so well that I decided to do the same to the other strobe.

The human interface in INON is not the most simple and forward. It takes a lot of time to read the manual and really understand the controls of the INONs. But after understanding, it becomes easy (like everything)

That said, I like my INONs. For sure I won’t be buying new ones (Inon Z330 or Retras) while mines keep the good work. I do not change 1-2 dive trips for a pair of new strobes.

If anybody wants to offer me a pair of Z330 or Retras to prove I am wrong, I will accept it and will came to this thread assuming I am wrong. ;) 

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