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Lighting Comparison Kraken vs Backscatter

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Hello all you lovely video shooters


I am wondering if anyone has a comparison of the below lights.  I am planning to focus on both macro photo and video this summer,  for photo I have the Backscatter MF-1.  I also have Kraken WSR + 5000 light but I dont really like its user interface, I usually turn it onto strobe mode and I cant figure out how to get it out of strobe mode while underwater.  I am hoping for some real life uses for the Backscatter.  Yes I have reviewed the Backscatter macro page a ton but I couldn't find anything on the Kraken 5000 video light.


Kraken/weefing 3000 Ring Light

Kraken/weefing WSR+ 5000 video light

Backscatter macro 4300

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