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Subal D850 - LED Trigger failed out of the box

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A buddy just bought a brand new Subal D850 housing and started diving it this last week. It came with a basic LED trigger installed. He was having issues firing one of his strobes on his dives, just one LED port was working. Today he opened it up and showed me that one of the ribbon cables to the LED had become detached. Looking at the trigger module I was pretty shocked at what I saw. 

  • Each LED has a short, stiff ribbon cable soldered to the hotshoe module's circuit board
  • The solder joints to the board were very sloppy
  • There was NO strain relief on the cable. Just flimsy 1/2 millimeter wires on the ribbon cables holding it all together.
  • Both wires on the non-working LED were disconnected

I extended the broken ribbon cable and re-soldered it the LED. Reinforced with some heat shrink tubing.

I put it on the camera to test, and my fixed LED worked fine. But the other LED was now dead! On inspection one of those solder joints was loose and slid right off the LED.  Only the shrink tubing had been holding it on. A few more minutes of soldering and I had the whole thing working.

I was pretty shocked as the poor quality of this trigger. It was DOA out of the box and looks like it would not hold up to normal wear and tear.

Does anyone have any experience with these Subal LED triggers? Is this out of ordinary? Did he just get a unit that skipped quality inspection?

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