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Getting inside a DS125

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Long story short: Had bad strobe. Opened it up. See images.


Full story:

I discovered recently that one of my strobes was dead. I had seen fog inside the strobe during use earlier and just counted the days to the end. The strobe compartment had "melted" between my sporadic dives and unfortunately I had forgotten the battery attached, so it is damaged. Will see if I can fix it later. But for now I wanted to check what the inside looks like in an Ikelite DS125. I've done some repair previously on a DS51 and changed the cells in older DS125 battery packs as well as making my own circuit board for it so this was my missing piece of knowledge...


Full album: https://imgur.com/a/GYW9p67


The culprit https://imgur.com/zyYjg7d Bought in 2006 or 2007. Had been repaired once earlier for a broken latch.

BzyYjg7dBattery with a small recess https://imgur.com/FJsYtny 

Strobe head with the corresponding bulge: https://imgur.com/ci9Q8dI,https://imgur.com/ci9Q8dI Note the small hole in the melted plastic.

To get inside then:

I removed two small screws/nuts from the housing https://imgur.com/4Y3QQHe and then I just pulled. Unlike a DS51 there was no bayonet lock and it just opened. The small hole from earlier must have helped. Otherwise there would be too much of a vacuum to pull it apart. https://imgur.com/hHJEaWr

Backside of the dark gray area with some cables and a hexagon for a nut to sit in to lock the aiming light in place https://imgur.com/k4TLAf0

Aiming light removed https://imgur.com/1ECx12S

Power mode toggle removed https://imgur.com/LBkN3FS There is a small o-ring inside the hole, just like in the battery pack, to seal it. Could not get it out at the moment but it is there.

Some brute force got the dark grey rubber piece loose from the strobe https://imgur.com/VjYUxou

Now I'm getting stuff all over my table so a cut up paper bag have to serve as a cover.

Four small screws (two countersunk, two not) held the transparent plastic in place. Unsure if the cracks are from manufacturing or usage. https://imgur.com/BzkrPYO

With the transparent plastic removed https://imgur.com/BoECxQ3 https://imgur.com/thywlMJ https://imgur.com/1xHqjPO

Another four small screw removed gets you to the the underside of the circuit board https://imgur.com/zu7CE1u

The O-ring that seal the two halves of the strobe https://imgur.com/pefNQqm

Insulating piece of paper that was next to the blue circuit board and the two capacitors(?) in the middle of the strobe https://imgur.com/yCpfLAr

Some wires cut, to better see down the strobe head https://imgur.com/RIwUAKl

Backside of the circuit board with the power mode toggle https://imgur.com/kkCiwt6

Nut that lock the aiming light in place https://imgur.com/ApfS6yK

Flash tube cut off to see in between https://imgur.com/TVN6xEA https://imgur.com/nWTlJJ6

Connector for cable cut and removed. Black goes to the middle I think, and then it is as shown. https://imgur.com/0GPPgiR

One capacitor removed https://imgur.com/2nBuMuR https://imgur.com/HzPaDmG https://imgur.com/6c8rhLW

And the other https://imgur.com/d7xOyKM

Almost empty shell https://imgur.com/l1OADdP

One side of the other circuit board https://imgur.com/7u3y4Pg

And the other https://imgur.com/YBSsMah https://imgur.com/YkWRr8J https://imgur.com/tO5Utkv


That's all. I will throw this away in a day or two, but until then ask away if you want more pictures. As of now it really stinks in the apartment from burnt electronics.



Open/upgrade DS125 battery pack: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24457-anyone-upgrade-a-ds-125-battery-pack/

Getting inside a DS50: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38069-getting-inside-a-ds50/


Will sort out so the pictures will be shown straight away when I come back from work...


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