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When if ever are things going to go back to normal?

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After a year off, I returned to my usual dive spot in the Caribbean - Roatan.   I come from the western US, and I've been to Roatan 9 ties.

Covid protocols were in play for my trip, which took place the last week in September and first week in October, 2021.  But once I got to Roatan, and out of the airport, just about everything was back to normal, though a reduced normal.

Traveling to Roatan for me usually involves traveling through Houston.  Or Miami, but I hate traveling to and through Miami.

This year I had to overnight in Houston (or go via Miami) then pick up the 10am flight to Roatan.  Aside from having to wear a mask the whole trip, when i got to Houston most of the airport restaurants were closed by 9pm.

Getting into Honduras (Roatan) only required proof of vaccination.  Once on site at my usual place - Reef House in Oak Ridge - it was really just back to normal the entire 2 weeks I was there.

The day before I flew out I visited a doctor for a $20 quick test to allow me back into the US.  Took about 20 minutes.   Once back at the airport, it was back to masks.

I did have empty seats on the Roatan flight.  Looking at the crowd in the immigration hall, it seemed we had the usual amount of divers flying in, but very few of the usual local residents coming back home.  (They go through a different line, and that line was very small.)

All of the big resorts on Roatan closed for a year in 2020.  I think they are just opening back up, but I visit at my resort's emptiest time of year so it is hard to tell.  (My resort only has 11 rooms, so isn't representative.)

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