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Easydive Leo 3 WI Housing for Sony A7III & A7R III

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I am Selling a Housing from the Company Easydive (Leo 3 WI). The Housing fits a lot of different cameras, only a different tray for the camera is needed. So it is future proof if you consider upgrading later on. The housing is at the moment configured for a Sony A7 R III AND Sony A7 III. 
I used the housing with a sigma 15mm on metabones adapter.
The housing is working totally fine and was not used very much. I’d like to sell it, because for my type of photography and using it doesn’t fit to my camera handling. I bought the housing in the beginning of 2021!

For other configurations, another extension ring might be necessary 


The standard Buttons are:
on the front:
Autofocus and shutter

on the back:
Movie Record
Aperture up and down
Shutter Speed up and down
ISO up and down
switch button (to get access to an additional button layout)
off Button

The depth rating of that setup ist 150 (!) meters.

The set includes:
Housing (Price New: 2590€) (including 1 battery and a charger and 1x Nikonos 5 connector)
additional manual Optical Trigger (159€)
2x Ballheads attached to the housing (52€)
Display protection Foil(10€)
Tray / Handle with another ball head (63€)
spare battery (58€)
Bajonett Protection Plug (18€)
Developer Kit (87€) (for updating housing for other cameras) 
Firmware Upgrade (for an addional camera. Original set for A7R III, A7III was added as an addition) (150€)

Price new complete: 3.186€
Offered price: 2.350€

Dome port bundle additional (will sell separately if housing is sold):
Dome port 160mm acrylic (499€)
Extension ring 15mm (140€)
Port Protection Cap (18€)

Price new: 657€
Price now: 500€

Price complete bundle: 2.750€

also included but done as DIY:
Monitor hood small (original one would be ~ 57€)
Monitor large (~45°) (not available commercially) (not in the picture)
Hood for Dome port (not in the picture)

The article is located near Hamburg (Germany). Pickup and Paying Cash is possible. Shipping is possible. Paypal via bank transfer or paypayl is possible. send me a PM or an email: julian.muehlenhaus@googlemail.com








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new Price: 2600€ for the complete bundle or 2250€ for the housing.

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