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FS : Aquatica 5Dmk3 housing

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FS : Aquatica 5Dmk3 housing

Asking $1,800 with free shipping WORLD WIDE.

Payment method is PAYPAL.

ㅁlthough it is a 5Dmk3 housing that is not used much, it has been modified to use the 5Dmk4 and can be restored to its original state very easily in 5 minutes. so you can use 5Dmk3, 5DsR and 5Dmk4.

-        Aquatica 5Dmk3 housing (Vacuum system installed without replacement of Vacuum sensor circuit, body cap)

-        Anthis 170mm acryl dome port with adapter (No scratches on the surface, front and rear cover)

-        Old style of extension rings (48458,48457,48453,48456,48463)

-        2 ea of singe sync cord (almost new)


If you have any question, please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net

Aquatica 5Dmk3_1.JPG

Aquatica 5Dmk3_2.JPG

Aquatica 5Dmk3_3.JPG

Aquatica 5Dmk3_4.JPG

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