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Lights & Motion Bluefin G30 housing, Canon HF G30 Video Camera, $1,800, wide angle lens Great travel camera

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I loved this housing and camera. The controls on the handles make filming easy. They are in good condition but this system no longer meets my needs. With the extras I could completely rebuild the housing in the field.

Housing / Camera Bundle includes:

  • Lights & Motion Bluefin G30 housing 
  • Canon HF G30 Video Camera
  • Fathom 90 wide angle lens 
  • Flat port
  • Monitor Shade
  • Housing float
  • Ultra Light Mount (2)
  • Canon battery
  • Extra monitor battery carriage

Extras Monitor Back & Handle Bundle includes:

  • Extra right & left handle 
  • Extra back monitor 
  • Extra tray
  • Kit Latch Bluefin / SRHD / SR+
  • 1mm Core 2.2mm Jacket Plastic Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Monitor battery carriage
  • Handle thread kit
  • Handle O-Ring kit


Original price of housing, wide angle lens & camera  $ 5,298

Extra:  L & R Handles, Monitor back, tray, cable, kits original $2,105

The original price for everything is $7,403. Will sell everything for 1,800 plus shipping

 image.png.d5184dc820c700738f59b0caaca70ee9.png   image.png.9a0b8b8ad3e310499b97176b497923e2.png

image.png.8f9370781f63fe070fa135f82754be34.png  image.png.4af5b7534e381d6218d89d00ad864f02.png

image.png.5b5fda31bd496f76cb840bdc467f8fd3.png  image.png.78f72066eaebc2c398010e1333a5f690.png  

image.png.9de4673ec23bc2d7fb181ad40525c6b1.png   1703100446_Monitorback_Handles_parts.jpg.d3752744f85282c3359d3fac84cfe174.jpg

Please message me if you are interested.

Happy to send additional photos or answer questions


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