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Custom white balance on Canon G7xMark III

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Hi there. This question is for those using custom white balance for video on Canon g7x mark iii (firmware 1.2 and same on new one 1.3). I am trying to do custom white balance in video mode. The flow for that requires taking a picture and use it for white balance reference by going in the menu, loading the picture in the respective setting. Since I am using it for underwater video, I'd like to do it the most efficient way, therefore with minimum camera manipulation. It appears to me that I need to switch from video to a photo shooting mode first in order to take the white balance reference picture ( I didn 't find a way to take stills in video mode), then back to video mode to do the custom white balance by going in the menu and load it to the specific setting.
Since this is to be done quite often, it is a bit annoying. Any advice for a better custom white balance flow ? Did you find a way to take picture in video mode with this camera, so at least I do not have to switch modes?
Thank you!

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