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Acratech Ultimate Ballhead

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Selling my Acratech Ultimate ballhead with the optional right side controls. Acratech makes some of the absolute highest quality ballheads money can buy, and the Ultimate is what started it all. 

Great ballhead, made even greater by its completely open and greaseless design. Super easy to rinse out any sand and salt, with no detrimental effects! The open design also significantly limits any trapped air bubbles to make this perfect for underwater use.

This one is in good user condition, functionally it works well but there are definitely some marks to the finish, particularly on the Arca clamp. There is also a nick on the “spine” and some marks on the bottom of the base from attaching to tripods. Action is smooth save for a slight jerkiness with the Arca Swiss -style clamp knob. This didn’t particularly bother me but it should be an easy thing for Acratech to fix. Happy to mail this to Acratech on your behalf for them to put it back in tip top condition, contact me for details.

Full album of images: https://ibb.co/album/PcT3My

Asking $250 including fees and shipping in CONUS.

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