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FS - WWL-C, Z-330, Sony RX100VII Housing and Kits

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All gear in working and perfect condition. The only exception is the macro lens (SMC-1) has some hard water marks on the lens from the pre ious owner. Everything else is pristine and was used for just a few dives.

I have divided up the parts into separately priced kits that make sense, but am happy to sell all pieces for a turnkey kit to one buyer. Please mention the kit name in any comments.

All photos can be found at this link: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B195Uzl7V43FEQ



Wide Angle WWL-C Kit (Nauticam), asking $1100

  • Nauticam WWL-C Wide angle (Pristine, used a few times) ($1,200 new)
  • Nauticam N50 Short port for WWL-C lens ($250 new)
  • Backscatter Neoprene cover for WWL-C lens
  • OEM lens caps for WWL-C
  • WWL-C Original Box




Flash Kit, asking $800

  • Inon Z-330 Flash with ball mount and cable connector ($600 new)
  • Sea&Sea Fiber Optic Cable for Flash Sync ($88)
  • 9 StiX Floaties (balanced for fresh water with WWL-C lens) ($100)
  • 3 Float Arms ($120)
  • 5 Ultralight clamps ($150)
  • 4 Eneloop AA batteries with better Quick Battery charger for Flash (to charge batteries between dives if needed) ($90)


Macro Kit, asking $500

  • SMC-1 Macro Lens
  • Neoprene Case
  • Nauticam M67 Flip Diopter Holder for NA-LX100


Sony RX100 VII Housing Kit ($1,500)

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