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3 Days of Maui - Incredible Variety

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Dove with Ed Robinson's from 11/24 to tonight, 11/26. On the night dives tonight Ed himself ended up coming out with us...a very rare occurrence...


Maybe all the fish thought it was time for an underwater Noah's Ark ( ??? ), but there seemed to be a lot of pairing up going on...


Spotted these Raccoon Butterflyfish (I think?) about 15ft away from me, just hovering above the reef...



1/125, f/3.2, ISO64 (C5050)


Marty's Reef and then Tako Flats (out near Reef's End, Molokini)...found a few things I haven't seen or haven't seen in awhile...two leaf scorpionfish (cream-colored and a black-colored), wire coral goby, leopard goby, fire dart goby, flounders, psychedelic wrasse (male w/ large harem), bicolor anthias, etc...it was fun :) No time to do backscatter cleanup though...especially with this awful laptop mouse...



1/250, f/7, ISO64 (c5050), Inon macro lens


There were two wire coral gobies, but this was the better picture...there's one where they lined up head-to-head, but that'll take some cleaning.



1/250, f/5.6, ISO64 (c5050)


These guys were rather large, but *extremely* shy and skittish. Incredible coloration however.



1/250, f/4.5, ISO64 (c5050)


The DMs said these Fire Dart Gobies were rarer than rare here on Maui? Saw this one, very small guy out on Molokini by a cleaning station...


I have to say that I think I've seen more variety of life in my last two days of diving here in Maui than in the last two years that I've previously been here...not so much big stuff, but incredible finds we've had so far...


Papua New Guinea shattered a misconception that I had about longnose hawkfish - that they just sit on the coral all the time. In PNG, they were always flitting about, never sitting still. Apparently, in Maui they actually do rarely move:



1/160, f/3.6, ISO64 (c5050)


I love the coloration on these Gilded Triggerfish...



1/200, f/4.5, ISO64 (c5050)


And everyone's favorite, a gold-lace nudibranch:



1/200, f/8, ISO64 (c5050)


The night dives were nothing short of perfect. Ed Robinson was a real fun guy to talk to. Started out at Reef's End, Molokini, and saw a baby trumpetfish, a five mantas that were just coming in and swooping around a cleaning station...was able to get extremely close to these guys.




We then went over to Marty's Reef where the variety of life exploded - octopus (x3), eels in the open hunting, flatworms, nudibranchs, large crabs, hawaiian red lobster, some type of shrimp, scrawled filefish, multiple whip coral gobies...it was intense...






So sad to be leaving :( ...hope all enjoyed the weekly dose...the gallery will be up in a week or two (finals coming up, so those take a little time...)


As always, I love comments, good or bad, so whatever you think, feel free to say it. Many more pictures (a lot of fish profiles especially) to edit, but I'll save those for the gallery...I'd love to hear from everyone...


~Matt Segal

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