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Has Anyone sailed on Blue o Two's ULTIMATE RED SEA itinerary?

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I hope it's appropriate to ask this. Let me know if another forum is the best place for this question

Have any of you ever travelled with Blue o Two for their Red Sea trip? Also, has anyone ever taken the Ultimate Red Sea itinerary?  From looking at the website (https://blueotwo.com/boats/m-y-blue-melody/729e5bc56792e07bb11f727fd97ade81), the trip seems cover top sites in both the North and Southern Rea Sea. Most itineraries look like they make you choose between North and South. So, I am liking the Ultimate Rea Sea itinerary because it gives a little of both. If any one has travelled with Blue o Two and/or did a Ultimate Red Sea-like itinerary, I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences. I'd also welcome anyone's thoughts on the subject matter of picking a good liveaboard itinerary for diving the Red Sea.



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