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Hi There,


Lately moving into the CFWA sphere. I am encountering some technique problems and wanted to see how others do it.


I am using Olympus EPL10 + 14-42mm + WWL-1B


1. How do you get close enough to fill the frame enough to make the subject thee subject? Given I am using a wide angle lens, I need to get very very close to the subject to even see any details on the subject and with that distance I find the subject running away.


I have no problem with reefscapes or large subjects (i.e. divers, humphead wrasses, larger rays). But the small and medium sized critters (golf ball to a little smaller than a basketball) I am having difficulty. They appear more like reefscape photo than a CFWA shot. Need to know if it is a realistic thing I am trying to achieve with these smaller to medium sized subjects.


2. How do you gauge distance and not hit coral or rock? I am using a viewfinder and I lose all concept of distance. Found myself gently bumping into coral or rock once or twice (thank goodness no scratch!). I know I am really close but in the viewfinder it looks so far away.


3. In bright conditions (0-10m) with the sun up high. I get this weird lens flare with my WWL-1B quite a bit. I usually need to shoot with the sun behind my back. Is this normal with the WWL-1B. On land with fisheyes this never seems to be a problem.


Thanks all!



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