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SUBTRONIC NOVA TTL : Absolut bargain for great working strobes

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SUBTRONIC was and still is today the producer and manufacturer of the most “PRO” strobes on the market. The Rolls Royce in Underwater photography
Yes, Subtronic strobes are heavier and more expensive strobes than any other strobes, but many pro swear by them for their soft light, color temperature, high power and even distributed light coverage. You needed a lot of money in the past to consider Subtronic strobes and afford it… 1'500$/€ still today for a new one.
Here is a UNIQUE opportunity to get 1 or 2 of them, SUBTRONIC NOVA Nikon Analog TTL

  • One of the most powerful UW flash ever made by Subtronic with a power of 270 Ws.
  • The UW guide number is 36 (22 for 2 meters) and an underwater illumination angle of 116 degrees, very even distributed with almost no fall-off.
  • The flash recycle time (minimum/full power) ranges from 0.1 to 2.5 seconds.
  • In addition to a Nikon TTL function (analog Nikon cameras!), the strobe also has 6 manual power levels (only these could be used for digital photography). But who uses TTL for wide angle with these strobes? Honestly, they are not ideal for Macro, but a dream for wide angle and Fish-eye
  • The pilot light in the center of the  ring flash tube can be switched to two power levels.
  • The strobe also has a slave flash function, an SOS flash function, a flash-ready indicator and a battery charge level indicator. 
  • The battery (as a strobe arm Ø 30mm , separate, which is ideal when traveling by plane) can still trigger 200+ flashes at full power, ensuring minimum of 2 dives if not 3.
  • The flash comes complete with battery arm with 2 Subtronic clamps, with a sync cord (N5-N5 or N5-S6 to choose) , charger, and instruction manual.

Price for 1 unit = 400€/US$
Price for 2 units = 650€/US$ (2nd strobe is exactly the same)
Shipping worldwide for additional 20€/US$ (1 unit)or 30€/US$ (2 units)





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can you upload pictures of the cable heads?

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They are classic N5 type (Nikonos 5 plug)



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