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Subal ND850 Navy Line

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I am changing my set up from Subal to Seacam and have for sale a 6 month old housing, along with various ports.

The housing and all ports are type 3, however I understand that you can change the housing to a type 4. The housing is fitted with N5 electrical bulkheads. It has the windows for fibre optic cables/ sync cords but the circuitry is the standard Subal circuitry (without a trigger for fibre optics).

Items are available individually but let me know if you’re interested in a package deal and I’ll do you a good combined price.

Subal ND850 housing USD$3500

Fisheye dome port DP-FE3 USD$750

FP120 for 105mm lens (non-VR) USD$125

FP90 for 60mm lens USD$125

60mm extension ring USD$100 + zoom gear USD$90 (goes with 60mm EXR behind DP-FE3 for the Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 lens)

Available in Australia or buyer to pay shipping

More photos can be provided on request





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