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Free eBook about a group diving tour to Malapascua, Philippines, July 2022

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In 2011 I went to Iceland and was so impressed that I wrote an eBook about preparing for and taking a photographic holiday there. I made
it available free via the internet and so far it has been grabbed over 950 times by the world photographic community. A good way to give something back...

I have done this with several other photo journeys, including underwater ones. You can see the free PDF eBooks that I have written via:
In total, these eBooks have been grabbed nearly 7500 times worldwide.
On that site, various parts of each eBook entry are hot - if you put your cursor over the part, you get more info. Just click on the eBook you want.

The Malapascua diving eBook was finished recently and is about a group diving tour to Malapascua, Philippines, taken in July this year.
Definitely an eBook about what we learnt re diving and UW photography, but also trying to review diving in that area and how well Ocean Vida
- the dive resort - looked after us overall. That is, was it worth it and would we go again. (Yes!)

The eBooks detail preparations such as transport, accommodation, clothing, photographic gear, etc as well as showing images from the
photojourney. The main thrust behind the eBooks is to show what we learnt from the experience so that others will be better prepared.
But if you just like pretty UW images, have a look as well.

The links to the eBooks will redirect you to a fast Dropbox site. You do NOT have to make a dropbox account to get access -
it tries to persuade you to do this, but look for the "continue as guest" type link if asked.

Grab the eBook if you like. I suggest that you get the "_ebook" PDF from Dropbox as it is a good compromise between file size and image quality.
Perhaps download the _ebook version and look at it at your leisure.

If you know of others who may be interested, then please pass on the above link (rather than just sending them direct to dropbox) because this
helps me keep track of the number of times the eBook is downloaded. Mention the photojourney site on any appropriate social media forums you enjoy.
People are often on the lookout for new places to go, and these eBooks can help. They are not just diving eBooks - various other
interesting places are also described. Grab those as well if appropriate.

Dropbox site: http://www.dropbox.smiliemail.org/PhotoJourney/Malapascua_Island_Diving
Location:    Malapascua Island Philippines
Duration:    1 week
Temperature:    30 degrees celsius
Visibility:    20+ metres.
# Images:    LOTS + videos.


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What a super idea. Thanks!

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