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FS-Nauticam GH5s System

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A good friend, airline Captain and motion creator, put together a new system with Reef Photo/Video,  pool tested, then contracted an aggressive medical issue and we lost him. His widow and family aren't uw motion creators so I'm helping her sell the system. I have the available list of pieces with their new prices and would like to find someone to buy the system for about 48 percent of current prices (that's less than half price). A serious potential buyer can contact me by eMail and I'll send the list of pieces and we can discuss the purchase (chris@chriscrumley.com). A dated photo is included here. Summary of the system is: Nauticam housing w/vacuum sealing, GH5S w/14-42mm optic, Wet Lens, camera batteries/charger, gears, Lightware rolling case and boxes. The external monitor, Keldan lights and monitor/lighting arms and floats shown in the photo were sold earlier and are now happily lighting and displaying salmon and other marine life in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. 


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