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Cleaning out my dive closet.  In this post I am selling my Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens (Canon mount), Nauticam Zoom Gear, and Zen 100 Mini-Dome for the Tokina.  As these all are designed to work together, I am pricing it as a set.  

  • Tokina 10-17  f/3.5-4.5 fisheye lens, Canon mount (best APS-C zoom for underwater)  
  • Nauticam Zoom Great for the Tokina (TC1017-Z)
  • Zen 100mm mini glass dome for Nauticam N120 system (Zen DP-100-N120T)  Works with both the Canon and Nikon mount Tokina 10-17 lens.  Includes o-ring and appropriate grease.

Please see the images for actual condition.  All are fully functioning, never involved with a flood/leak, and show only signs of normal usage.  No boxes.

New Price:  ~$1750 (incld tax)      My Price:  $775    Almost a $1K savings over buying new!


Located in South Florida.  I strongly prefer to sell in US Lower 48.  All prices include USPS Priority shipping to Lower 48.  Other shipping methods or destinations will incur additional shipping cost.  Prices are via PayPal non-fee method.  Add additional 3% to cover fees if prefer to purchase that way.

I moved to a new system which is why this one is being sold.  I tried to set a very fair price based on the condition.  I am open to reasonable offers.

I buy/sell photo equipment on FredMiranda.com also as ChipDiver.  Please feel free to see my perfect reviews there.

Please send me a DM if you have any questions or wish to make an offer.

Thanks for looking!

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0101.jpg

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0102.jpg

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0103.jpg

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0104.jpg

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0105.jpg

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0106.jpg

02162023-Tokina 10-17 Zen 100 Dome-BUNNELL-0107.jpg

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Specified glass dome

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The quintessential fisheye kit for a Canon or Sony (with added adapter) APS-C system!

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Might be interested for a Sony setup. Will send PM


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