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Sea & Sea MDX-850 Live View Switch Issues

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I have a Nikon D850 with a Sea and Sea housing. I love this camera and mainly do super macro. I recently purchased a wide angle converter lens from Kraken so I can shoot some video or take pictures of larger things, should I encounter them. Like a turtle or shark or something. In order to take video, you have to flip the live switch to video mode and press the live view button. For whatever reason, I can't get the switch to align. So I set the switch to video mode and close the camera housing, while trying to align the switch. I press the live view button and nothing happens. So something isn't aligning correctly. These are the only two controls which don't work. The housing is closed and sealed properly. I even have a sentinel vacuum, so I know I'm getting a good seal and alignment. All the left buttons and the navigation buttons work fine. Has anyone else had this problem with a Sea & Sea housing?

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