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Hi everyone --


I just finished a 4-day invertebrate workshop in Fiji and would like to thank all of the wetpixelians who generously gave me mission to download & use their images for education. The workshop participants were enthralled by the vivid images. They would ooh & aah as animals they knew came up on the screen & enthusiastically commented on the fijian names & behaviour. It wouldn't have gone nearly as well without your help.


Now it's time to leave Suva & go over to Yaqara for a biodiversity survey. At this point your images will be used to show the collectors what our target animals look like and the kind of habitats they live in. Hopefully we'll even get some specimens of the undescribed species you all have been photographing over the years so we can send them to specialists for description.


Thanks so much!

Cheers, Leslie

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