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Semi-Budget Diving in SE Asia

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I'm planning a trip to southeast asia from mid May to mid June. I'm going to be in Phuket for a good portion of that time, staying at friend's place.


Anyways I'm looking for a diving trip that is not too pricey. I wanted to know if any of you have ideas. My friend goes to Bali a few times a year, so I'd like to try somewhere new. We're both in our 20's and don't need real luxury.


Does anyone know if some liveaboards will give a deal if they aren't booked? We have flexibility in our travel dates. We can spend around $1500 each for a week of diving but not really more than that.


Also he is an intructor and I am an AI/ Divemaster so we wouldnt' mind helping out somewhere if needed. Any ideas would be helpful. thanks.

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