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Nexus Ports and Misc Gear

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Posted for a friend in the Houston area. This is the package for you if you own the Nexus D100, D70 or are looking at buying the Nexus D2x:


Nexus Nikon N90 master housing - $800


Multi Port 105 for Master with Multi port 60 kit with gears for Nikon 105mm and Nikon 60mm lenses. - $400


Nexus Extension port for Multi Port for Nikon 70-180mm macro lens (includes gears) - $300


Nexus Dome Fisheye Port 170mm with lens shade and cover - $250


Nexus MP-60-5 Macro Port for Master housing (for 60mm, 35-80mm or 28-70mm NIkon lenses - $200


Nexus aperture and zoom gears for Sigma 18/35mm lens - $60


Nexus zoom gear for Nikon 35-80mm lens - $20.00


Nexus zoom gear for Nikon 28-70mm lens - $20.00


Nexus aperture gear for Nikon lenses - $45.00


Ikelite sync cables with Nikonos camera end and Ikleite strobe end - $50.00


Ikelite MV (TTL) strobe (now called substrobe 50) with Mini-C model light - $60.00


Please do not email or PM me. Direct all questions to the owners at:






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