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Wetpixel Feb 2005 - New Server!

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Welcome to the new server. :D


Please read the new server welcome message on the front page! There are notes about what to do with the new forum, which I will reproduce here:


--- Migration Notes ---


Logging In


You will note that even though there are login and logout links on the main Wetpixel page, all of the actual logging in and out occurs in the forum area of the site. After you log in or out, just click on the Wetpixel logo to get back to the main site. I apologize the this inconvenience, but there is currently no good way to get around it.


Classified Ads


The classified ads area as been moved back into the forums.


Forum Issues


There are a few major issues with the migration to new forum software, which will make things a little inconvenient during the migration.


- Forum attachments


... are no longer linked to their respective messages. I’ve put all of the old image attachments online so you can poke around if you are looking for a specific image (see original post for the links).


- Avatar images


... have been lost, so you’ll have to re-upload them. I’ve also put these online for you to find (see original post for the links).


- BBCode and forum .sigs


... BBCode is what we use to change the look of text, etc., in the forums.  All BBCode has been migrated over properly, but for some reason the actual rendering of the code doesn’t show up unless the message is edited and re-saved.  This is easy enough to do, so if you come across one of your posts with unrendered BBCode (which looks like [b]bold text[b] instead of bold text), go ahead hit “edit” and then “save”.





Then, make sure you check out the new Gallery area (click on the "GALLERY" button in the top-hand area of the forums), and the new Blog area (click on "BLOG").


If your forum .sig looks lame after the migration, you can edit it in the USER CP area (button is just under the Wetpixel logo).

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