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Complete Drebel UW set up

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I am thinking of moving on to video so am selling a COMPLETE Ikelite underwater set up for the Canon Digital rebel (EOS300D). All you need to add is the camera and lenses (which I might also consider selling)


Here is the list of goodies:


1. Ikelite underwater housing

2. Dome port for 18-55mm and 15mm lenses

3. Flat port for Canon 100mm USM macro lens - includes manual focus ring

4. Manual EV controller

5. camera to strobe/controller sync cord

6. Ikelite strobe arm

7. Ikelite DS 125 strobe - the dogs doodahs !!

8. Strobe charger


I want £1200 for the lot (priced as new on camerasunderwater.co.uk at £1824


The kit is in great condition.


I also have the camera set up to go inside the housing as follows:


1. Canon EOS300D 6mp digital camera

2. Canon 18-55mm kit lens

3. Canon f2.8 100mm USM macro lens - used once and has warranty

4. Sigma 15mm FE wide angle lens

5. 1x1gb, 1x512mb, 1x256mb CRF cards

6. Battery charger

7. Canon 55-200 telephoto lens

8. various odds and ends

9. Manual, cables, software disks


Price - contact me if interested - £800


email on john.kirk80@ntlworld.com


Pics supplied on request. I am based in the UK

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The UW camera set up is on sale for £1200 NOT £1500 as originally advertised. This was an error on my part. Also, the camera and lenses are on sale for £800.


get a total UW set up for £2000 complete !!!!!

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