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Ron Boyes

Give away to a good home

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I would like to offer my 35mm kit to a worthwhile place such as a school or club etc


The kit contains:

Nikon F90X Body ONLY

Sea & Sea Housing

Flat Port

Dome Port

2 x YS120 Strobes (sync cables not supplied)

Some accessories such as arms etc


Condition: Very Good


Freight costs are your responsibility. (from Adelaide, Australia)


I used this setup for a couple of years before changing to a Nikon 5000, then a D100 and now a D2X


If anyone is interested let me know



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Saw your post about the Sea & Sea Housing in search of good home and thought to drop you a line or two since we think we might be good candidates for it.


We run the SCUBA Club at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] in Cambridge, MA, USA. The group, about 120 members, consists mostly of undergraduate and graduate students that enjoy diving.


Our main activities:


1) Get together and go diving every other weekend during the summer and fall (some of our craziest members are also into ice-divig, so they do it during the winter, too).


2) Have invited speakers come and talk about different topics such as Fish ID classes, underwater photography, marine exploration, marine biology, etc.


3) Run refresher sessions every now and then to get people back in the water.


One of the main drives of the Club is to promote Diving and underwater activities among the student community at MIT. Having a complete rig around I'm sure will make a great asset for the Club and also a unique tool to run small seminars on underwater photography to try to get more of our members to start shooting underwater.


For more info on what we do and who we are, please refer to the following link:

[MIT Scuba CLub]



Best regards,




MIT ScubaClub

Cambridge, MA


PS> We're just glad that there is people out there trying to support groups like us.

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I'm the vice President of the Dallas Underwater Photography Society. www.dups.org We are a group of budding to very serious photographers. Our group sponsors monthly meetings and seminars on all topics relating to diving and underwater photography. As you continue your search for a home for this equipment, we would certainly like to be included. We believe that our members as well as those persons who attend our seminar would benefit greatly from the ability to try out a housing (albeit film) prior to making the investment themselves in a camera and housing.


Arthur Geffen

Vice President

Dallas Underwater Photography Society


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