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Porter Case PCII and airlines restriction

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I recently purchased the larger portercase PCII who claim their dimensions are 22x14x8. I had left LAX without a problem since I was not checked for luggage dimension compliance.

However at HKG airport, where they are stricter, they tested my bag in the SIZEWISE unit which is the 22x14x9 standard test. My Portercase could not fit in. Seems the case is 22"3/8 x 14 1/4 overall. After much argument, the airline supervisor finally had to be called to ok my bags for the plane. I know of at least 3 places which are strict on cabin luggage dimensions, Hong Kong, Australia and NZ. Just thought I'd warn anyone buying these cases to beware that they technically pass FAA regulations by being under 45" but airlines and airports using the SIZEWISE units can reject it as it is too long.

I spoke with the manufacturer, who say they knew the cases were not 22x14 legal. They assumed since they were within FAA regulations with the"or under 45" rule, it was ok. Obviously not in some airports. This is obviously not going to be a frequent problem if you do not get checked. I've never had a problem with US airports since I've never had my hand luggage checked. But with airlines going the way they are... you never know. Caveat Emptor.

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