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Tio Loco

Ikelite 50s Substrobes (2)

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As long as I'm cleaning out the closet, I've got two Ike 50s Substrobes gathering dust. They are 1 and 2 years old respectively.




Here's what Ikelite says about them:


The small strobe series with giant capabilities. These compact strobes now provide an unbelievable full 50 watt-seconds of electrical power.


The size and color temperature leave almost nothing to be desired for macro photography, while the power and coverage allow use with lenses as wide as 28mm.


The best price, recycle time, and most flashes per set of batteries in its class, with optional diffuser now available.


• Size 8cm x 12cm ~ 3.2" x 4.7"

• Weight 0.6 kg ~ 1.3 pounds

• Energy Rating 50 watt-seconds

• Coverage Angle 70 degrees

• Color Temp 5700 degrees Kelvin

• Power Source 4 "AA" alkaline

• Flashes 200 Full Power

• Recycle Time 3.5 seconds  


These strobes are small, light and fast, perfect if you like to travel light. They also work in slave mode, and include the optional diffusers.


They have been upgraded by Ikelite with the digital camera circuitry modification so they will work with the Oly C-xxxx cameras.


I believe list on them is $350. I'm asking $175 each including the shipping.


I also have the Nikonos -> Ikelite strobe cables $75 list that I'll include for $30 ea with the strobes.



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