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Posting guidelines for industry members

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Hello, guys. This is a reminder for industry members in the Wetpixel forums. If you sell services or products of any sort, you may *not* blatantly solicit business from Wetpixel users in the forums, except for in the "Commercial/Organized Dive Trips" area.


Please don't try to get people to e-mail you "for more information," and use tact when composing your .sigs. If you blatantly solicit business, you will be warned first, and then banned if you continue.


There are examples here of industry members who participate in a good way, which includes answering questions about products. Being helpful will drive business your way without violating the guidelines we've set.


I love that industry members are active here, and welcome your continued participation.



Wetpixel Staff and Community

(I've received complaints, so this is really from the greater community).

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