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Canon 10D housing (Jonah) for sale

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Hi all,


I'm putting up for sale my Jonah Canon 10D housing. It's worked very well during the time I've had it -- it has kept the camera bone dry through every dive and I'm still on the original O-rings!

All the controls and buttons work smoothly except for the top info LCD illumination button, which is very stiff and needs some lubrication. I don't use the button (on night dives I just look through the viewfinder) so I didn't bother to fix it.


The finish is in great condition -- I have taken very good care of it through all its dives. There are some minor marks on the back that were there from Day 1, probably machining marks (see photos). Ports are pristine.


I have also added a hotshoe mount to the top of the housing (cemented on with epoxy) to hold a focus light like the L&M Sunray mod light or a AA dive light of your choice. I find this indispensable on night dives! Most of the other 10D housings in this price range do not have hotshoe mounts on top, and some cannot even be retrofitted for one (e.g. Sea&Sea).


What is included:

Jonah 10D machined aluminium housing, in silver (new $1,899)

8" dome port with built in shade (new $395)

Flat macro port (new $229)

Port extension ring (new $89)

Cover for dome port

Sea&sea cover for flat port

Extra O-rings, pins, springs and Allen wrenches for minor adjustments


Paid $2612 new, asking $1275 for everything.


The ports will allow you to use the Canon 50 and 100 Macro lenses, the optional EF Lifesize converter for the 50mm Macro, Sigma and Canon 15mm Fisheye lenses, Canon 16-35 and 17-40 lenses. I've mainly used the Sigma 15mm FE and Canon 50/100 Macro in this housing.


I've been very pleased with the performance of this housing, and it has gotten me many nice shots. All the UW pictures taken in my gallery (http://www.pbase.com/ychng) were taken with my 10D in this housing.


Here are some pictures of the housing, the rest may be seen here: http://www.pbase.com/ychng/ebay_items







Feel free to email me or call me at 617-721-6459 with any questions!




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