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Full results: Ocean Views 2013

Alert Diver, Nature’s Best Photography magazine and Wetpixel are pleased to announce the Winners of this year’s Ocean Views Photography Competition!

Selected from thousands of images, the Winners and Highly Honored images will be published in the Ocean Views Winners Gallery feature in the 2013 Spring/Summer print edition of Nature’s Best Photography and Spring 2013 issue of Alert Diver magazine, both due out in May.

We received many excellent photos which made our judging process enjoyable, but very difficult!

Please consider entering other Nature’s Best contests: the 2013 Windland Awards has an Oceans category and is open now through May; the next Ocean Views competition will open in October, 2013.

Stay connected to the Nature’s Best blog for more information and updates. Remember to also check out the Nature’s Best website for contest info.

We appreciate your ongoing support and welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and participation in making this one of the best ocean photography competitions in the world. Thank you for entering this year and we look forward to seeing much more of your photography in the future.

Deb Freligh for Nature’s Best Photography.
Stephen Frink for Alert Diver magazine.
Adam Hanlon/Eric Cheng for Wetpixel.

Prize Winners.

All prizes are available from June 2013 - June 2014 only, and are forfeit if claimed after that date.


Keith Monroe: Two live-aboard adventures, one each on Thailand Aggressor in Thailand, and the other aboard Carib Dancer in the Bahamas. Sponsor Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet.

1st Place.

Douglas David Seifert: Cruise for 2 aboard Galapagos Sky to the Galapagos Islands, Sponsor Galapagos Sky and DivEncounters Alliance.

2nd place.

Todd Bretl: 10-night cruise to the Maldives aboard M/Y Maldives Siren, Sponsor WorldWide Dive and Sail.

3rd place.

George Pellisier: 8-night / 9-day cruise to the Socorro Islands aboard Solmar V; Sponsor Solmar V and DivEncounters Alliance.

4th place.

Steven Kovacs: 11-night / 10-day cruise to the Cocos Islands aboard either Sea Hunter or Undersea Hunter; Sponsor Undersea Hunter Group and DivEncounters Alliance.

5th place.

Luis Miguel Cortes Lozano: 7-night cruise to the Maldives aboard MV Orion; Sponsor MV Orion and DivEncounters Alliance

6th Place.

Claudio Contreras: 7-night cruise aboard Ocean Hunter III in Palau; Sponsor Fish N Fins and Ocean Hunter live-aboards.

7th Place.

Joaquin Gutierriez Fernandez: 7-night / 5-day dive package for 2 guests (not including airfare) to Palau. Sponsor Sam’s Tours.

8th Place.

Francis Perez: Scubapro Mk 25 and S600 regulators. Prize sponsored by Scubapro.

9th Place.

Tobias Friedrich: Oceanic ATOM 3.1 Hoseless dive computer. Prize sponsored by Oceanic.

10th Place.

Domenico Rosigno: Subgear SG1000 regulator. Prize sponsored by Subgear.

11th Place.

Doc White: 5 nights/4 days of diving at Sunset House for two, Grand Cayman. Sponsor Sunset House.

12th Place.

Cristian Dimitrius: Ikelite DS161 strobe and charger. Sponsor Ikelite Underwater Products.

Highly Honored images are not prioritized, merely listed as such:

Linda Drake (two photos as highly honored/two prizes): Henderson Aqualock wetsuits; Sponsor Henderson Aquatics & 7-night accommodation at either Atlantis Puerto Galera or Atlantis Dumaguete Resorts in the Philippines for 1; Sponsor Atlantis Philippines Dive resort and live-aboard and DivEncounters Alliance.

Lucia Griggi: Nautilus Lifeline diver safety device; Sponsor DAN.

Dr. Alex Tattersall: Nautilus Lifeline diver safety device; Sponsor DAN.

Keith Ellenbogen: 5-day trip / 10-dive package; Sponsor Ocean Divers, Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Uwe Schmolke: DUI Weight & Trim System; Sponsor DUI.

Noam Kortler: DUI Weight & Trim System; Sponsor DUI.

Dafna Ben nun: DUI Weight & Trim System; Sponsor DUI.

Tobias Friedrich: DUI Weight & Trim System; Sponsor DUI.

Francis Perez: DUI Weight & Trim System; Sponsor DUI.

**Grand Prize**: Keith Munroe. "*New beginnings*".

Grand Prize: Keith Munroe. "New beginnings".

**First Prize**: Douglas David Seifert. "*Dugong*".

First Prize: Douglas David Seifert. "Dugong".

**Second Prize**: Todd Bretl. "*Bob tail squid*".

Second Prize: Todd Bretl. "Bob tail squid".

**Third Prize**: George Pellissier. "*Minke*".

Third Prize: George Pellissier. "Minke".

**Fourth Prize**: Steven Kovacs. "*Goby and eggs*".

Fourth Prize: Steven Kovacs. "Goby and eggs".

**Fifth Prize**: Luis Miguel Cortes Lozano. "*Twins*".

Fifth Prize: Luis Miguel Cortes Lozano. "Twins".

**Sixth Prize**: Claudio Contreras. "*Koob sealion in kelp forest*".

Sixth Prize: Claudio Contreras. "Koob sealion in kelp forest".

**Seventh Prize**: Joaquin Gutierrez. "*Silver*".

Seventh Prize: Joaquin Gutierrez. "Silver".

**Eight Prize**: Francis Perez. "*Green sea turtles*".

Eight Prize: Francis Perez. "Green sea turtles".

**Ninth Prize**: Tobias Friedrich. "*Iceberg noraw*".

Ninth Prize: Tobias Friedrich. "Iceberg noraw".

**Tenth Prize**: Domenico Roscigno. "*Shrimp nudibranch*".

Tenth Prize: Domenico Roscigno. "Shrimp nudibranch".

**Eleventh Prize**: Doc White. "*Blue whale krill*".

Eleventh Prize: Doc White. "Blue whale krill".

**Twelfth Prize**: Cristian Dimitrius. "*Baby frigate bird*".

Twelfth Prize: Cristian Dimitrius. "Baby frigate bird".

**Honorable mention**: Francis Perez.

Honorable mention: Francis Perez.

**Honorable mention**: Dafna Bennun.

Honorable mention: Dafna Bennun.

**Honorable mention**: Francis Perez.

Honorable mention: Francis Perez.

**Honorable mention**: Linda Drake.

Honorable mention: Linda Drake.

**Honorable mention**: Lucia Griggi.

Honorable mention: Lucia Griggi.

**Honorable mention**: Uwe Schmolke.

Honorable mention: Uwe Schmolke.

**Honorable mention**: Linda Drake.

Honorable mention: Linda Drake.

**Honorable mention**: Alex Tattersall.

Honorable mention: Alex Tattersall.