Wetpixel Ultimate Whale Sharks 2015

Wetpixel has run trips down to Isla Mujeres, Mexico for the amazing whale shark (Rhincodon typus) aggregation that occurs here for the past 5 years. It is true to say that witnessing and photographing or filming the incredible numbers of whale sharks that aggregate here should represent an aim on every underwater image makers “bucket list”.

There is a thread on the Wetpixel forum showing both the amazing event, and some of the stunning imagery that was achieved on the 2014 trips.

Like all Wetpixel trips, it is designed to be underwater imaging friendly, with boat timings specifically tweaked so that we can maximise the quietest times on the water when the sharks tend to be in a dense conglomeration. We are currently the only operator that specifically caters for the super productive times before and after the majority of the boats arrive and depart from the area.

Please note that these are snorkelling trips, and are hence open to divers and non-divers.

We stay in the Playa Media Luna, a comfortable and quiet hotel situated close to town and the jetties where we embark each day. The hotel can supply a variety of accommodation options.

For 2015, we plan to run three trips to Isla Mujeres. Each trip will have two boats with only 6 guests and a group leader aboard.

The dates for 2015 are:


The trip will be $2950.00 per person, which includes:

To book:

For all the above trips, a $1,500 dollar deposit secures your place, with balances for the tiger shark trip due by 11/01/2014, the oceanics trip by 02/01/2015 and the whale sharks trip by 05/01/2015.

To book your places or for more information, please email me as soon as possible.