UnderwaterPhotography.com Announces Winners

PRESS RELEASE: News in underwater photography this week is the announcement of the winners of the UnderwaterPhotography.com photo contest 2003. This annual contest is the longest running online digital photo contest, and gives underwater photographers a forum to show their work and gain recognition, and encouragement, from their peers. Underwater photographers from 50 countries entered digital images online in several categories: topside, over/under, macro, wrecks, natural light, fantasy, divers, and marine life. An international panel of judges has chosen the top three entries in each category entered during the previous year and awarded them gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively. This year a new award has been created

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Ikelite Olympus TTL Beta Test

Wetpixel member Peter Schulz got to test the new Ikelite circuitry which translates the camera's TTL metering system signal from an Olympus 5050 or 5060 and sends it to an Ikelite digital Substrobe. Peter dove with an Ikelite 5050 housing with the prototype conversion circuit installed.  To quote Peter:

"The results were outstanding. For the first time ever I got perfect lighting under almost every imaginable condition e.g. shooting under reefs, against the sand, against the sky, with cloudy skies, sunny skies, etc. without changing any camera settings during the dives! This TTL system really rocks!"

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Wetpixel, v3.0

Welcome to the new Wetpixel.com!
(log-in with your old forum credentials, or register with us)

We're finally done with a ground-up redesign and rewrite of Wetpixel.com!

James Wiseman, Craig Jones and I have been working hard to migrate content over from the old site.  We've moved all of the news, reviews, and forum content over, but we're still working o­n the features.  As expected, many links buried in old content will be broken.  If you come across a broken link that seems particularly important, please let o­ne of the administrators know by leaving a message in our official migration thread.

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Wakatobi Workshop 2004

Dates: Sept 28-Oct 8, 2004

Espen Rekdal
and Wetpixel's Eric Cheng have teamed up to offer a Wakatobi Underwater Photo Workshop 2004. Wetpixel will be doing a daily webcast from the island, and both Eric and Espen will be available for daily consultations and advise.

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Aquatica A300 Canon Digital Rebel Housing & TTL!

Very exciting news for Canon shooters: We just heard from Blake at Aquatica that they have made a breakthrough and will be offering their Canon 300D digital Rebel housing with TTL strobe control. Aquatica's electrical engineers have "cracked the E-TTL code" for the Canon 300D and will install special circuitry between the camera's hotshoe and the housing bulkhead that will enable the camera to communicate with underwater strobes for automatic, TTL strobe control. One of Aquatica's beta testers is trying out the 300D housing with TTL right now in Bonaire and should have a report in the coming weeks. We don't know yet which strobes will be TTL compatible with the setup, but we hope to find out soon - so check back here for more information as it becomes available. [see some photos of the A300 housing] [discuss in our forums]

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