Retra Announces Voice Control Firmware

Retra Flash on Wetpixel

Retra has announced that they have developed full voice control for their Retra Pro Flashes in a significant technological leap forward. With the new firmware, photographers can now adjust the flash’s output by simply talking to it, or by asking it questions.

The new firmware will be released from 31 April 2023 and will be available as a download via voice link.

Press release

Retra Announces Siri Flash Voice Control

Introducing the newest innovation in underwater strobe technology. The Retra Flash - the smartest underwater strobe yet. The Retra Flash can already connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and now we are making it even smarter with voice recognition technology. Your underwater strobe becomes your personal assistant responding to your commands and making your underwater photography experience more effortless than ever before.

Don’t worry, the new Retra Flash series will not have voice recognition but it will have cutting-edge underwater strobe technology. So don’t miss out on the launch of our most advanced underwater strobe series yet. Sign up to our email list and be the first to know when we launch pre-orders. And a Happy April Fools day from the Retra team.

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