Nauticam D700 underwater housing field review

A further neat feature of the housing is that the image playback button is not simply a push button, but a lever that falls directly to your left thumb. This is probably the most pressed button on the back of most housings and it is good to see Nauticam providing a superior ergonomic solution for it. The view of the LCD screen is not as good as on my Subal. I prefer housings that provide a well shaded individual window for the LCD screen, rather than a large clear panel on the back of the housing. Although this is only a significant difference in shallow, bright conditions.

Separate lever for image review. Very useful ergonomic improvement for one of the most commonly pressed buttons. Maybe I should get one for the delete button too!

Strobe arm connection balls are supplied which fit on top of the housing. For several reasons I much prefer strobe arms to be mounted onto the housing, rather than onto the handles. Not least because it means that you do not end up pinching your hand between the handle and strobe arm when adjusting lighting! But also because I regularly dive without the left handle on my Subal to enable me to get the housing and inch or two (upto 5cm) lower when shooting vertical macro portraits on the sand. Nauticam also supplies a very useful carrying strap that is fitted between the two strobe arm mounting balls. Another handy innovation.

Unlike my Subal, there is no lever to release lenses, so with fatter lenses especially with gears on, this means taking the whole camera out of the housing. This is actually very easy with the camera mounted on a quick release tray, especially as there is no hotshoe to disconnect. The memory card can be removed (when the housing is open) without taking the camera out of the housing. The D700’s battery cannot.


Nauticam’s optional viewfinder gives an excellent, bright, corner to corner view. But I am not sure that the dioptre adjustment is a necessary expense.

I used the Nauticam with their 180 degrees (straight) magnified viewfinder, which I liked a lot. This magnified viewfinder gives and excellent, bright view and importantly makes viewing the corners of the frame straight forward. It was also easy to view at a distance, when trying to creep the camera even closer to the subject. I highly recommend it. The optional viewfinder does block one button the AE/AF lock button (although readers should note that many housings do not provide access to this button anyway). It can be easily taken on and off for travel.

The viewfinder also has a dioptre adjustment for eyesight. I am not convinced that this is a valuable feature as it must inevitably increase the manufacture cost for this accessory. Furthermore the adjustment knob sticks out and can be knocked easily meaning it must be readjusted. Since most users would adjust this once and then leave it, it would make sense to make the adjustment knob either lockable or recessed. Although I would prefer the option of a cheaper viewfinder without the adjustment.


The magnified viewfinder gives an excellent view and gives you confidence when focusing precisely at high magnifications. D700 + 105mm VR. 2 x Inon Strobes on manual. 1/320th @ f/25. Mornington Peninsula, Vic, Australia.