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Nauticam D500 flash trigger issues

08 January 2018 - 05:37 PM

Hi folks. Sending this out to the Wetpixel community. Recently bought a dual fiber optic sync cord for my new-to-me Nauticam D500 housing. Cord came today just in time for a trip starting Thursday. However, when I hooked the cable up I discovered that the strobes do not fire on the first flash, but that as long as the shutter is held down thereafter the strobes fire just fine.


In other words, when looking at the flash trigger inside the housing (rear of housing removed) the green LED at the top of the circuit board doesn't light up, but on the second frame and any thereafter it does light up and the strobes fire. Of course, if I pull my finger off the trigger for a few seconds the problem starts all over again.


I think the issue has to do with the flash trigger. In fact, I'm attaching a photo that shows some possible damage to the trigger just to the left of dip switches at the top. Thoughts?

FS: Ikelite dual AND single sync cords for Inon strobes

01 January 2018 - 06:43 PM

  1. Dual Ikelite sync cord for Inon strobes. Purchased early summer 2017. In excellent condition. No floods. Price: USD$125, OBO
  2. Single Ikelite sync cord for Inon strobe. Purchased 2016, in use up until early summer 2017. In excellent condition. No floods. Price: USD$65, OBO.

Items located in eastern Canada. (Note, will be out of the country Jan. 11-20 without internet access).

Cuba Diving and Tipping Recommendations

01 January 2018 - 06:33 PM

Hi all,


For those that have been to Jardines de la Reina aboard any of the liveaboards, do you have any recommendations/guidelines for tipping? For example, many of the liveaboards talk about doing extra activities for "a generous tip," but I'm wondering what a generous tip is to the Cuban guides? Just want to be sure to bring enough cash (will exchange at airport for CUC). I also realize that tipping can be a very individual thing or in some cases cultural. I am North American, FWIW.

FS: Ikelite D7000 kit w/ 8" dome, macro port + extras

24 November 2017 - 07:52 AM

For sale is:

  • Ikelite D7000 housing (bought spring 2015)
  • D7000 body (no lens) (bought September 2017)
  • 8" modular dome port with 2.75 inch extension
  • 6" macro port (no manual focus knob) (5510.35 should fit most 100/105 mm macro lenses)
  • Single Sea & Sea/Inon to Ikelite sync cord
  • Zoom ring + zoom gear/clamp + extra zoom ring
  • Extra O-rings
  • Extra 8" dome shade (broke, but taped together and works fine)
  • Extra tubes of lube.
  • All domes come with neoprene covers.
  • Micromesh repair kit (used once) included.

Price = US$1750 includes shipping anywhere in North America. For shipping outside N.A., please contact me for a quote. PayPal preferred (no money wires). If Canadian, will also accept e-transfer. Items are located in Prince Edward Island, Canada.


D7000 shutter count = 14749.


Does not come with flashes or arms.


Housing was just serviced in early September (2017).


The 8" dome has a bunch of microscratches, including one long one on the inside of the dome, some scuff in the center of the dome and on the extreme edges. That said, I have never once noticed these affecting image quality. It seems once submerged the scratches get filled in with water. The only time some of the microscratches become visible is with over-unders, but those are easily cloned out in post. I always keep the longer scratch positioned at the bottom of the frame so that it's always submerged and not visible. Would be willing to provide some raw images if anyone wants to look at photos for themselves to verify these scratches aren't visible underwater. I used the micromesh repair kit once and it worked great.


Dome shade has some dings. I'll leave the GoPro mount on it for the next user.


Flat macro has only been used 2-3 times. Great condition.

FS: Olympus TG-4 Tough

19 November 2017 - 10:40 AM

Selling a barely used (bought spring 2017) Olympus TG-4 Tough. Bought mainly for underwater video and super-macro. Only reason for selling is to offset a future DSLR purchase . Has some micro-scratches on the rear LCD (that do not inhibit proper functioning), but otherwise it's flawless.


Camera has some impressive technologies packed into a small size. Incredible macro functions include both macro, super-macro, and automated focus stacking. Several underwater modes specific to what you're shooting (underwater landscapes, action, macro). 1080p/30 fps HD video. 16MP sensor for highly detailed images. Perhaps best of all, camera shoots in RAW (and JPG, too).


This would make a great purchase for a winter tropical getaway if you have one. It's the perfect camera for snorkeling! Pair it with Olympus' fisheye converter and you'll have a great little compact U/W package.


Price includes shipping, original battery, and battery charger. I believe I still have the original box as well. I'm also throwing in a handy floating wrist strap.


Selling for US$320 includes shipping (or CAD$410 including shipping). For shipping outside Canada or the United States, please contact me for a shipping estimate. PayPal preferred or e-transfer if Canadian. Item located in Prince Edward Island, Canada.