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Canon WP-DC8 Underwater Housing for A630/A640 - For Sale

13 April 2014 - 11:01 AM

Selling my Canon WP-DC8 housing for Canon A630/A640 camera. Excellent condition overall, optics excellent, glass clean, O-ring in great condition, some scratches on case.  Bought new as a backup for my main system but only used it a few times and can't justify keeping it. Easy to use, seals easily and perfectly, no leaks.  Small enough to easily carry in hand luggage so great for travel.  A great deal at a third of new price.  $50 includes shipping to CONUS.

For Sale: Olympus PT-E06 Housing for e620 with Two Ports and Zoom Gears

24 September 2013 - 09:00 PM

Selling because I am switching to an even smaller camera.  All equipment is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and has served me well.  Purchased new about 3 years ago and carefully maintained.
Olympus PT-E06 housing for Olympus e620 DSLR.
Excellent condition, only obvious wear on the external closure and internal zoom gear where the paint has worn off, and some minor scuffing on the plastic back, but no effect on function.  O-ring in good shape and no leaks.  Covers included.  Paid about $1,000 new.
Olympus PPO-E04 dome port for wide angle lens fits PT-E06 housing
No scratches, a beautiful port for wide angle.  Neoprene cover for lens side and plastic cover for housing side included.  Paid $1,000 new.
Olympus PER-E01 extension for dome port
Olympus PER-E02 extension for dome port (attached to dome port in photo)
I used one or both extensions to accommodate the Olympus 12-60mm lens, an excellent lens for which Olympus did not make a dedicated port or zoom gear.
Olympus PPO-E03 flat port for Olympus 50mm macro lens
No scratches, great for macro shooting.  Covers for both sides included.  Paid $450 new.

Olympus PPZR-E01 zoom gear for Olympus 14-45mm and 50mm macro lenses
Olympus PPZR-E02 zoom gear for Olympus 11-22mm or 14-54mm lenses
Olympus PPZR-E06 zoom gear for Olympus 14-42mm lens
and One Olympus numberless mystery zoom gear, about 3 1/8" inside diameter

Total cost new was about $3,000 for everything.  Asking $1,950 for all of the above with free shipping to CONUS.  All original instructions included.
e620 camera and lenses for sale under separate listing.  Email: alevin1954@yahoo.com


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