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Problem with buttons

20 April 2011 - 07:07 AM

Hi guyz! I have some problem with Hugyfot housing, give me some advice plz. After 10 days of using in saltwater the buttons looks terrible. They are made from brass with a nickel plating and the plating has been eaten away. Pascal Eeckhoudt (from Hugyfot support) said me that the reason is due to potential difference (electrical circuit) created by all metal parts surrounding the housing (including diving gear). It sounds fantastic! I have some metal parts on my equipment like D-rings etc, but I can't believe it causes any problems. It seems more likely that the problem is with the poor quality of buttons. I've seen some Hugyfot owners here, tell me please do you have this experience?

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Probably this will not affect the water tightness, but it looks like a s**t and doesn't make me happy after payment 2000 euro for the housing =(