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What video camera to choose??

04 March 2014 - 06:54 AM

Dear Friends,


I like to hear your opinion about what is currently the best choice for a mid-level professional U/W video camera & housing set-up.

i.e. i'm NOT looking for a Red Epic, but something in the range of the former Sony PD170, V1 or EX3.


After my dissapointing experiences with the Sony NX5 I'm looking for a new kit.


I suspect this will get a lot of different opions... but I like to hear what your experiences are.




What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

27 January 2014 - 06:57 PM

I need some help from you out there.

About a year ago I swithed from Sony V1E to the NX5E (w/ Amphibico). It was a struggle ... with Amphibico going out of business and my 1st NX5 having massive electronics problems. Now all seems to be OK technically. BUT... to make a long story short... the NX5 just doesn't seem to deliver the crispy, color rich and clear images I used to get from my V1E. Even in FULL AUTO, the V1E delivered quite acceptable pic's, as where the NX5 needs extensive Picture Profiles to even come close to the V1. Above water the NX5 is great, underwater it seems to forget it's a camera! EVEN a $250 Go-Pro seems te make sharper video that the $5000 NX5 !!! MY QUESTION TO YOU ALL, has anyone had any experience with the NX5? And if yes what are those? Positive/negative? What settings do you use? Any tricks or tips are VERY WELCOME!