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In Topic: OMD Flexi Tray vs Hand Strap

Today, 11:44 AM

Hi Marco,


Get a can of "man up" and wear thinner gloves you big girl.!!!!!!




laters knobber




In Topic: Wearing a drysuit and shooting macro

03 June 2014 - 12:29 AM

Hi E_viking,


Keeping on the subject of weight I do feel even in the red sea you do not need a lot of weight, (I have also used a dry suit in the red sea with the same weight on Duxys winter warmer).


For example here is a long exposure image taken in january of this year, http://wetpixel.com/...=49820&p=347899 what makes it stand out for me is the fact that i did twelve exposures with the gel on the torch with just 4Kg on me on one dive and at no point was i "floating of to the surface".


In true goose style i forgot to bring down the pre made weight belt for the tripod, and in turn i then at 15m had no choice than to pull out a weight pocket to sort out the tripod issue:


In fact setting a shot up like this i had to:-


* Set the timer on the camera to approx 20 seconds delay.

* Fin like a mad man being very careful not to kick up the sand to the starting point to the left of the image.

* Once the timer had finished and start of the exposure then follow the contour of the rocks and in turn switching of and on of the torch and continuing the shot to the end of the 30 second exposure.

* Finning back to the camera to check the exposure and make any adjustments to the image.

* Repeat 12 times.


In short i could never have done this image on eight Kilos and I'm glad i forgot my weight belt as it also taught me you don't need loads of weight when diving and the dive guides are right.


The difference between a self Isolation between a trilaminate and a 4.5mm neoprene dry suit is negligible as I've worn both with the same under suit and found no extra weight is needed. I will say that my ankle weights do come in handy when my mates forgot to put his weight belt on. lol



In Topic: Wearing a drysuit and shooting macro

01 June 2014 - 05:22 AM



I Dive UK for my sins and on a compressed neoprene suit of 4.5 with thermals and a hoodie for warmth under suits to be taken into account coupled with a 15ltr I only need 10Kg of lead to sink my 6'1" 107Kg 17 (stone) fat arse ankle weights included. 


You do not need copious amounts of lead to get yourself sunk and the fore you only need small amounts of air to become neutral wether its in your dry suit or bcd or in some peoples cases both…..the rest is technique so just get practising. Do a weight check if your unsure but get it right now and you will save yourself a lot off faff later, if it helps leave the camera top side and just practise getting in and out of situations without the pressure of holding you camera.

In Topic: Tripods

01 June 2014 - 04:59 AM

Hi tdpriest, 


I thought it was a good idea to try as i am into the long shutter speed thing above water as you know, but does the image have any true value probraly not but in all honestly i was bored with the same old night dive and wanted to try something different and i am pleased with the results of my efforts even on the lighting up of the wreck. I know Alex has put the technique to good use and rightly so because he is the bollocks and won the competition in Germany with his jack shot. 


Im not in it for the what can i win thing I'm not a pro and would not want to be, thats not my bag but is there use for tripods under water i think yes, providing you go down with a plan and stick to it, i did and got the result i wanted out of the idea i thought up and that to me is the important thing i value the most.


Always have a plan. 




In Topic: The Value of Underwater Photo Workshops?

19 May 2014 - 11:22 AM

Sharing the love on the workshop is key.


Well worth the money and always go with an open mind and don't forget to look up.






Hey Marko you big wanger when are we off to Sudan to get our shark on.!!!!!!!