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#333423 Anyone tried the AOI RGBlue video light?

Posted by onewolf on 25 June 2013 - 09:20 AM

I (sort of) got to try the new RGBlue video lights on Saturday.  Unfortunately it was a poor environment for video light testing (3kt current drift dive, so so vis, I was flag boy, 3-4' seas on surface meant it was a continuous jerking from the flag).  I had the video lights on max stepped power (1800 lumens) for about 40 minutes and the status LCD light was magenta at the end, so I don't know sure how much long the lights would have lasted.


Functionally the lights worked fine but I didn't really get any usable video footage.


The Nauticam YS mounts for the Nauticam 'shackle' clamp shipped from Backscatter last Friday so once they arrive I will be able to mount both the video lights and the S&S strobes (right now it's one or the other).


I will update once I get to perform a real test with the video lights.

#332451 Anyone tried the AOI RGBlue video light?

Posted by onewolf on 06 June 2013 - 04:41 AM





I plan to use the lights for shooting video with my T2i (mostly 10-17 FE) and GoPro.


I am trying to decide between the Sola 2000 Flood and the AOI RGBlue System01.  I assume the Sola 2000 would be the "safe" choice, but the RGBlue appears to have some advantages:  wider beam, more even light, replaceable battery pack.  Disadvantages: A little larger, a little heavier.


Thanks for any advice/information.