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Strobe Review: Scubalamp D-Max and Retra Pro Flash Photo

Strobe Review: Scubalamp D-Max and Retra Pro Flash

The past few years have seen the release of a number of exciting new strobes from many manufacturers. Unfortunately, their release has coincided with a global lockdown, limiting many of our opportunities to try them out in the field. Fortunately, Hannes Klostermann and Giacomo Rossi are located in Baja California Sur and have been able to offer an amazing detailed comparative review of two of the new strobes on the market: The Retra Pro and the Scubalamp D-Max.

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Scubalamp Announces D-Max Strobe Photo

Scubalamp Announces D-Max Strobe

Scubalamp has announced the imminent release of their D-Max strobe. It offers an underwater guide number of 32 controllable via 9 steps, via a circular flash tube with a color temperature of 5300°K. It has a 120° beam and can be triggered via both fiber optic and N5 electrical cables. It is powered by a Li-Ion battery pack containing 4 x 18650 cells, which offers 750 flashes at full power.

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