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Trip report: Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2017 Photo

Trip report: Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2017

During late July and August 2017, Wetpixel are running two trips to witness and document the amazing whale shark aggregation that occurs annually off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Whilst we are there, we plan to post regular updates from the trips, to share some of the imagery captured. Please keep checking back to see updates.

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Whale Sharks 2014: Trip report Photo

Whale Sharks 2014: Trip report

The annual Wetpixel Whale Shark Expedition starts today, with the participants gathering in Isla Mujeres and setting out for our first day on the water tomorrow. In order to keep everyone posted about this amazing event, we have started a thread in the forum, which we will be updating regularly throughout the next two weeks. Please check back for posts regularly.

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