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Lembeh vs Gulen Critter Shootout 2016

The first Lembeh vs Gulen Critter shootout took place from 21 to 27 May 2016. The goal was for two teams, one at the Gulen Dive Resort, Norway and other at Lembeh Resort, Indonesia to go head-to-head and to compete with each other in real time. The contest had three categories: Nudibranchs, invertebrates and fish and each team was allowed one practice day before spending a day shooting their entries for the contest. Barring the time difference, the two teams effectively shot simultaneously. The images were then voted upon in a public vote to determine the winners.

Wetpixel covered the event in full from both Gulen and Lembeh. Team Gulen won the nudibranch round, while team Lembeh won both the invertebrate and fish categories and were the overall winners. Perhaps unexpectedly, what has come out of this contest is a gallery of simply superb and engaging macro images. While we have selected the top three (and tied) images from each resort and category for this Full Frame feature, there is a gallery of all the contest’s images available. It is simply stunning too and we would strongly suggest that you check it out.

Wetpixel and the underwater imaging world eagerly await the rematch!

Richard Chalton (Lembeh). (*Chaetodermis penicilligerus*).

Richard Chalton (Lembeh). (Chaetodermis penicilligerus).

Ingrid Thea Olberg (Gulen). (*Llabrus mixtus*).

Ingrid Thea Olberg (Gulen). (Llabrus mixtus).

Wayne McWilliams (Lemben). (*Periclimenes tosaensis* on *Ophichthus cephalozona*).

Wayne McWilliams (Lemben). (Periclimenes tosaensis on Ophichthus cephalozona).

Greg Sherman (Lembeh). (*Ceratosoma tenure*).

Greg Sherman (Lembeh). (Ceratosoma tenure).

Atle Ove Martinussen (Gulen). (*Lipophrys pholis*).

Atle Ove Martinussen (Gulen). (Lipophrys pholis).

Debbie Arriaga (Lembeh). (*Risbecia tryoni*).

Debbie Arriaga (Lembeh). (Risbecia tryoni).

Rune Edvin Haldorsen (Gulen). (*Nymphon gracile*).

Rune Edvin Haldorsen (Gulen). (Nymphon gracile).

Debbie Arriaga (Lembeh). (*Octopus marginatus*).

Debbie Arriaga (Lembeh). (Octopus marginatus).

Luc Rooman (Gulen). (*Facelina bostoniensis*).

Luc Rooman (Gulen). (Facelina bostoniensis).

Luc Rooman (Gulen). (*Asterias rubens*)

Luc Rooman (Gulen). (Asterias rubens)

Jerry Arriaga (Lembeh). (*Hymenocera picta*).

Jerry Arriaga (Lembeh). (Hymenocera picta).

 Luc Rooman (Gulen). (*Symphodus melops*).

Luc Rooman (Gulen). (Symphodus melops).

Martin Gerard (Lembeh). (*Lubricogobius ornatus*).

Martin Gerard (Lembeh). (Lubricogobius ornatus).

Atle Ove Martinussen (Gulen). (*Facelina bostoniensis*).

Atle Ove Martinussen (Gulen). (Facelina bostoniensis).

Greg Sherman (Lembeh). (*Lubricogobius ornatus*).

Greg Sherman (Lembeh). (Lubricogobius ornatus).

 Johan Bjorklund (Gulen). (*Caprella utica).

Johan Bjorklund (Gulen). (*Caprella utica).

Bjornar Nygard (Gulen). (*Caprella mutica*).

Bjornar Nygard (Gulen). (Caprella mutica).

Dag Leslie Hansen (Gulen). (*Polybius pusillus*).

Dag Leslie Hansen (Gulen). (Polybius pusillus).

Wayne McWilliams (Lemben). (*Flabellina rubrolineata*).

Wayne McWilliams (Lemben). (Flabellina rubrolineata).

Dag Leslie Hansen (Gulen). (*Flabellina pedata*).

Dag Leslie Hansen (Gulen). (Flabellina pedata).