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WuZhiZhou International Underwater Carnival

On 25 May 2020, China’s Sanya “Love The Deep Blue” International Underwater Carnival was successfully held at WuZhiZhou Island. After 5 days of underwater exploration, the winners were officially announced, bringing a wonderful visual feast to Sanya residents and the diving community in China.

During the past three years, free diving and mermaid diver training has become very popular in China. Freediving photography is also becoming very popular, and the photographers are obsessive about creating beautiful underwater images with many of them undertaking additional free diving training.

This Full Frame features the work of four Chinese free diving photographers. They hope that the collection will inspire people to discover that magical underworld.

The models are professional freediving instructors: Miss. MeiYi, Miss. JingYi, and Miss. Coral. Many thanks for their patience and endurance in cold water, continuous diving, and posing.

To see more of the photographers’ work, please visit the links below:

Miss Erscey Wang, Mr.ShaoBing, Miss.Moana Chen and Mrs Anna Yang