Report: ADEX Show 2016

ADEX 2016 on Wetpixel

Wetpixel/Scubacam Imaging Party @ ADEX 2016 by Drew Wong

As is traditional, Wetpixel partnered with well-known Singapore underwater imaging retailer Scubacam to host the image makers party at ADEX 2016. In a departure from previous years, we organized it as an after party held immediately after ADEX’s own speaker’s party.

ADEX 2016 on Wetpixel

Our own Alex Mustard and Shawn Heinrichs along with others like Laurent Ballesta and Kurt Amsler joined Drew Wong and David Cheung as the party transitioned from a relatively formal speaker’s party to the irreverent, raucous enjoyment of our party This ended up in some very serious partying by some normally very quiet people! The pictures tell a 1000 words as you might expect because it was an imaging party.

ADEX 2016 on Wetpixel

Many thanks to John Thet and Cassandra AnnDragon for allowing us to “take over” their party.

All the images can be downloaded from Wetpixel’s Photoshelter site.

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