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GoPro announces HERO+ LCD Photo

GoPro announces HERO+ LCD

GoPro has announced the release of a touch screen version of their entry level HERO+ camera. The touch screen is only accessible when the housing door is open. The HERO+ LCD also offers a new video trimming function, allowing the user to effectively set in and out points in-camera.

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MindShift Gear releases GP system Photo

MindShift Gear releases GP system

MindShift Gear has announced a series of 13 cases and bundles for use with GoPro or other action cams. The range provides capacity for single or multiple cameras with and without accessories. It also integrates into the MindShift’s other carrying systems.

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GoPro releases firmware updates Photo

GoPro releases firmware updates

GoPro has released two new firmware updates for their HERO4 Black and Silver models. Version 02.00.00 adds a time-lapse video mode; a burst photo capture rate of 30 frames in six seconds; auto rotate mode; and HiLight Tags, which allows a user to mark key moments. HERO4 Black version cameras also get two new frame rates: 720p/240 fps and 2.7K at 60 fps.

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Field review: Inon GoPro accessory system Photo

Field review: Inon GoPro accessory system

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a field review of Inon’s GoPro accessory system. It features a cage mounting system, two wet conversion lenses, arms and lights. The review was carried out at Tiger Beach during the Wetpixel Tiger Sharks Expedition.

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GoPro announces firmware updates Photo

GoPro announces firmware updates

GoPro has announced a planned firmware update for its HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Both will get a built-in timelapse function, 30 photos/6 seconds burst shooting and auto rotate. In addition, the HERO 4 Black will get 720p at 240fps and 2.7K at 60fps. The Silver will get HiLight Tags to mark points during playback.

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Review: GoPro Professional Guide to Filmmaking Photo

Review: GoPro Professional Guide to Filmmaking

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a review of the new GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking. The cameras are now ubiquitous, and are an almost standard part of the scuba diver’s equipment. Unfortunately perhaps, the widespread availability of the cameras has not always resulted in an improvement in the films being presented! The new guide will help those new to video to capture, create and shape amazing films

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The most viral GoPro photo to date is of a Great White Shark Photo

The most viral GoPro photo to date is of a Great White Shark

Elementary school teacher and South Africa shark tour intern, Amanda Brewer recently shot the most viral GoPro photo to date. The image is of a Great White Shark emerging from the water outside of a shark cage. The capture was selected as one of GoPro’s Photos of the Day, and went viral from there.

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GoPro releases HERO4 Photo

GoPro releases HERO4

GoPro have officially announced their new HERO4 models with an expected shipping date of 5 October. The HERO4 Black features 4K video and the silver has a built-in touchscreen. Both feature improved user interfaces and manual control of “Color, Sharpness, ISO Limit, and Exposure” in Protune. Lastly the company has released a budget camera, the HERO.

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Inon releases GoPro lens system Photo

Inon releases GoPro lens system

As reported during our ADEX 2014 coverage, Inon has designed a specific “semi-fisheye conversion lens” and a so-called “wide close-up lens” for the GoPro HERO3 and 3+. Takuya Torii of Inon reports that “the lenses are designed to bring optimal performance of camera itself even underwater and to get as wide an angle of view as on land and boost the camera’s usability for macro shooting.

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