Anglerfish Announces GoPro Housing with Extended Battery

Anglerfish Creative Lighting has announced the GP9-F750 underwater housing for the GoPro 9/10/11 action camera. This housing allows the use of the Sony NP-750 battery giving 6 to 7 hours of shooting time.

Please reach out to Anglerfish for details and pricing.

Press release

AFCL-GP9-F570 GoPro 9/10 Underwater Housing with High-Capacity Battery Pack

Anglerfish Creative Lighting is announcing a new underwater camera housing for the GoPro 9/10/11 action camera. This housing provides the operation of the camera underwater with an extended battery pack. The housing can accommodate one Sony NP-F750 battery pack that allows for up to 6-7hr of recording time. It’s a perfect tool for remote shooting.

The camera battery is optimized to provide 5-6 hrs of record time even with the smallest battery. The larger batter is available which allows for a record time of up to 12 hrs.

Lens Design

The lens is constructed from sapphire crystal and is AR coated for excellent optical performance. Sapphire crystals provide scratch resistance in rough shooting conditions and can withstand very high water pressures.

Bulkhead Ports

The housing feature two ports: 2 x M14.

Vacuum valve & Leak Detection System

The housing comes standard with a leak detection Smart Phone Application which allows the user to detect the smallest leak in the housing. The vacuum valve is a simple design that allows the user to service the valve in the field.

Demo Video of the Housing


If you have a need for a professional remote camera setup, please contact us. We will be happy to provide support for your production.